ModShed Modular Studios are unlike any other studios on the market today – learn what sets us apart from the rest.

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FUNCTIONALITY. Our modular studios can be used for nearly any purpose. Seriously! Mod-Sheds allow for complete functionality — and with style! Use your studio as a quiet space for hobbies, fitness, crafts, or even work! Some even choose to fully build out their Mod-Shed to create a tiny home or related living space. Our high-end designs are fully customizable and allow you to create the modern space of your dreams, stylishly and affordably.

SMART ENGINEERING. The studios on the market today are not engineered in a way that are easy to assemble or sturdy enough to withstand the elements. Many studios currently on the market from other sellers arrive as a pallet of raw materials dropped on your doorstep, requiring you to either hire a contractor or suffer through a long, complicated, and uncertain assembly process. When you choose a Mod-Shed, you’ll get prefabricated sections that can be assembled in as little as 3-5 hours. The structure is secured with smart engineering integrating locks that are easily put together with little more than an allen key. This interlocking wall system is secure and tested to withstand the elements, so you won’t have to worry about your Mod-Shed’s structure. Your finishing touches may require some minor tooling, but the structure itself is made for anyone to be able to assemble easily and quickly.

DESIGN. The days of being forced to buy a cookie cutter shed design that requires extensive renovations are over! Mod-Sheds feature ultramodern designs that are chic yet simple, functional and attractive. Our modular studios utilize space in a way that maximizes light and floor space, giving you endless opportunities of what you can do with your space. Mod-Shed’s prefabricated panels can be interchanged to create different shapes, sizes, and configurations of your studio. Whether you choose one of our pre-designed studios as-is, or you decide to customize your Mod-Shed, you can be sure that your Mod-Shed will be uniquely yours. Mod-Sheds have flexibility in design so that you can add extra wall panels, doors, or windows. Our design lets you create a unique, customizable Mod-Shed without the hefty customized price tag. Make ModShed yours!



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2155 Barrett Park Dr NW, Suite 205 Kennesaw, GA 30144

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